Natural Ways to Control High Blood Pressure without Medication

Natural Ways to Control High Blood Pressure without Medication

Diagnosed with Hypertension? Don’t get worried about taking medications to bring down the numbers. You can treat high blood pressure with healthy lifestyle and this reduces the need for medications further.

Top 10 Simple Ways to Control High Blood Pressure without Medication

natural ways to control blood pressure without medication

natural ways to control blood pressure without medication

Here we mentioned 10 lifestyle changes you should adopt to lower your blood pressure and keep it down constantly.

Lose Extra Pounds to control high Blood Pressure:

Weight is the reason for many health issues. Blood Pressure also increases as the weight of the person increases. So, losing weight is the most effective change for controlling hypertension.

Along with your weight you should also monitor your waistline. Too much weight around the waistline raises the risk of hypertension.
In general: Men with waist measurement 40 Inches are above is at risk of developing hypertension
Women with waist measurement 35 Inches is at greater risk of developing high blood pressure
The waist measurement varies person to person based on various factors. Consult a doctor and ask him about the waist measurement you should have.
Exercise Regularly: Daily work outs- at least for 1 hour lower the blood pressure numbers. It is important to be consistent because if you stop exercising the blood pressure raises again.
If you have slightly high blood pressure exercises helps you a lot to avoid full-brown hypertension. If you are already at hypertension levels regular exercises helps you to maintain your blood pressure at sager levels.
The best type of exercises are walking, jogging, cycling, swimming and dancing. Consult your doctor, talk to him about your exercise programs and consider his/her suggestions.

Maintaining Healthy Diet is the best way to control high blood pressure:

Healthy diet also plays a major role in lowering hypertension. Eating foods rich in whole grains, fruits, vegetables and low fat dairy products lower the blood pressure by 14mm Hg.
Bringing changes in eating habits is highly difficult. So, we bought you simple tips to get habituated to healthy diet.

Maintain a food dairy to keep a track of your weight and high blood pressure :

Write down everything what you eat. Follow this at least for 15 days to get surprising changes in your food habits.

Boost Potassium to lower high blood pressure:

Potassium lessens the effects of sodium on hypertension. So consume foods rich in potassium. Fruits and vegetables are rich sources of potassium. Consult your doctor regularly to check potassium levels in your body.

Be a Smart Shopper and control hypertension:

Read food labels and shop whatever is good for your health. Stick to the healthy eating diet plan even when you dine out.

Reduce Sodium Rich Foods to reduce high blood pressure in body:

Even small reduction of sodium in the diet reduces blood pressure by 2 to 8mm Hg. Limit sodium to less than 1,500 milligrams a day or less than that.
Follow the tips mentioned here to decrease sodium in your diet:
Read Food Labels: Opt low sodium alternatives of foods and beverages while buying.
Eat fewer processed foods: Small amount of sodium is naturally found in foods. Most sodium is added to foods during processing. So, select less processed foods in your diet
Don’t add salt to foods: 1 level tea spoon salt has 2,300mg f sodium. Only use 3/4th table spoon of sodium and add herbs or spices to food for flavour.

Limit the amount of alcohol you drink and control high blood pressure levels in body:

Taking small amounts of alcohol regularly lowers your blood pressure by 2 to 4 mm Hg. But consuming it too much is dangerous. So, consult a doctor to know the quantity of alcohol to consume regularly.
Drinking alcohol beyond the limits raises the blood pressure by several points and reduces the power of medications used for blood pressure.

Quitting Smoking habit is the best way to lower hypertension:

If you have smoking habit you should note that each cigarette you smoke raises your blood pressure many times. So quit smoking to maintain normal blood pressure level. Quitting smoking habit also increases the life expectancy.

Cut Back Caffeine & cut back hypertension in body:

The role of caffeine on blood pressure is still on debate. Caffeine raises blood pressure by 10mm Hg in the people who take caffeine rarely. But, regular coffee drinkers will not find any difference.
Although the effect of caffeine on blood pressure is not clear, there is a possibility of slight increase in hypertension.
To see the effect of caffeine on blood pressure, check the blood pressure 30 minutes after taking coffee or any caffeinated beverage. If you found difference in your blood pressure, your body may be sensitive to caffeine and raises hypertension.

Reduce Stress & reduce hypertension in body:

Chronic stress is the main reason for high blood pressure. Occasional stress also causes hypertension if you react by eating unhealthy food, drinking alcohol or smoking.
Reduce the stress slowly and carefully. If you can’t eliminate the reasons for your stress, at least cope up with it in a healthier way.
Change expectations: Learn to accept things as they are and try to stay calm. This will be attained with daily meditation.
Plan and solve the problems: Plan perfectly and try to solve the problems under your control with perfect strategy.
Know your Stress triggers: Know your stress triggers and avoid them if you can. For example I can’t spend much time with the people who bother me much. In the same way, you know your stress triggers and stay away from them.
Allot time to relax and do activities you enjoy: Do meditation for 15 to 20 minutes every day. Make a habit enjoying your routine life to make it stress free
Practice gratitude: Expressing gratitude towards others helps you to reduce your stress.

Consult your doctor regularly to keep a track on your blood pressure levels:

Regular blood pressure monitoring alerts you and helps you to make certain life style changes which control blood pressure. No need to visit a doctor for every blood pressure monitor. Talk to a doctor and buy a blood pressure monitor to monitor yourself in home.
Along with this visit the doctor regularly and get advices to improve your health. If your blood pressure is not under control, your doctor will likely want to see you frequently. If it is under control doctor will suggest you to visit him once in six months.

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