In 2005, my father got an heart attack. He was rushed to a nearby hospital and remained in ICU for couple of days. Post angiography, doctors told us that my father has to undergo a heart surgery.  It took us nearly three months to identify the right doctor for the heart surgery. We consulted friends, acquaintances and so on, to get the first-hand information on the best doctors for the heart surgery. Although now-a-days heart surgeries have become common with minimal risk, back in 2005 it wasn’t the case. There was a good amount of risk involved in getting the surgery done. Luckily, we found a good doctor and my father went through the surgery successfully.

Ten years gone by, still the problem of finding the best doctor or the hospital for a health issue remains open. We still consult friends and acquaintances for first hand information on good doctors. Sometimes we get the information we need and many times we don’t. And we continue to rely on luck. It’s very strange that, we follow ratings and reviews for purchasing a mobile phone to visiting a restaurant… but rely on sheer luck when handing over the most precious thing we have i.e. our body to an unknown doctor, hospital or diagnostic centre. This problem has to be solved.

This led to the birth of  Technically, is a directory listing of all doctors, hospitals, diagnostic centres and health clubs. We are starting with Hyderabad and will expand across India.  Our aim is to provide an open platform, where people can discuss, review, rate and follow doctors, hospitals, diagnostic centres and health clubs.

While, the complete team will put the best effort in collecting the information about doctors, hospitals, diagnostic centres and health clubs but it is the users who make the difference. I humbly request all our users to take their time out to rate and review the doctors, hospitals, diagnostic centres and health clubs they have previously visited.

- Mohammed Abubakr, Founder,