Are the reviews & comments on DocHood.com authentic?

At DocHood.com, we take absolute pride in stating that, reviews and comments on our portal are 100% authentic. Dochood.com Moderation team verifies every comment and asks for the user to submit a proof for proving that he/she has actually visited the hospital/doctor/lab/club. The proof could be invoice of the visit or a scanned copy of prescription given by the doctor.

My profile on DocHood.com is not updated. How can I update my profile?

Just drop an email to us info@dochood.com or partner@dochood.com. Our executive will contact you and then the profile would be updated.

Can I provide an anonymous review about a doctor or hospital?

Nope. DocHood.com doesn’t allow anonymous reviews.

Someone has given a fake review. How can I get the review removed?

Please drop an email to info@dochood.com or partner@dochood.com. We will get in touch with the user who has provided the review and collect additional proof. If the user is written a fake review, we will ban the user. Additionally, if you want to take any legal action against the user, we can assist you with more information about the user. Fake reviews/comments against all the profiles on DocHood.com will not be tolerated.

I am a doctor. Can I encourage my patients to write reviews about me?

Sure. However, don’t force your users to write the review. Review is a voluntary.

I am a doctor. I have got negative reviews and my business is getting affected because of it. Can you remove my profile?

You have got negative reviews because you aren’t a good doctor. Every patient has a right to know what sort of doctor you are before getting treated from you. Go and work under a better doctor. Learn the profession and skill.  Once you get better at your profession, automatically you would get positive reviews.